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For My Own Safety
Announcing The Fan Fiction Article. Fan art and fan fiction, like the offering above, are a blast because artists get to wear their favorite stories; in my case the iconic "Blade Runner." Fan fiction and art are the new fashion.
by techgnotic
I prefaced a recent article Eye See Therefore Eye Am,
with a quote from Roy Batty, the doomed replicant (android) who was given human emotions to be able to appreciate
all the wonders of life, including the visual, but afforded only four years of
lifespan to enjoy them.
time to die, roy batty by anjinanhut
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost
in time... like tears in rain... Time to die."
—Roy Batty, Bladerunner
I thought the quo
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 770 861
Bath time
"Reese! Bath time!" Seeming to appear from no where-much as her mother would at times-the little girl ran and jumped into Dominick's arms, bronze colored curls bouncing around her face.
"Baff!" She squealed, locking her arms around Dom's neck.
"Yes, bath." Opening the bathroom door, Dominick set the toddler down before starting the water. "Dress off," He instructed the girl who raised her arms, letting her mommy peal her clothes off. "Good girl," He then set her in the bath, turning the water off.
"Mommy," Reese said as Dominick cupped some water in his hand, letting it pool over the girl's long hair-it was nearly time for a hair cut for her.
"Yes, honey?"
"You baff?" She asked, smiling sweetly.
"Not tonight, baby, I already took my bath." Dominick shook his head, beginning to brush Reese's hair gently.
"Pwease?" Sticking her lower lip out in a pout, Reese looked to her mommy with wide, honey colored eyes. "Pwease...?"
Adverting his eyes, Dominick continued to brush his daughter's hair
:iconmosoul:Mosoul 3 5
PIPA SOPA PSA by FindChaos PIPA SOPA PSA :iconfindchaos:FindChaos 431 54
Lovers, families, cats...
Honey brown eyes watched from the shadows of under the table as the large being stood by the sink, back turned to the smaller creature. She smiled, listening to the water running as the man hummed to himself, distracted with his duties of cleaning dishes. She slowly crept forward, brushing bronze colored curls away from her face. Just a little closer...
She then pounced, wrapping her small arms around the man's leg. "Rawer!" She growled, an all too familiar smile on her lips. "I go' you!"
"What do we have here?" Anju smiled, drying his hands off then bent down to the pick the girl up.
"I a kitty!" The little girl said, leaning forward to lick the man on his nose. It was then the golden eyed man noticed the small pair of black cat ears situated on his daughters head. Dominick...
"I guess you are. Well little kitty, where's your mama?"
"Iunno! I lookin' for him," She shrugged, before she was set down again.
"Well, little kitten, tell mama cat lunch will be ready soon."
"Did I hear the wo
:iconmosoul:Mosoul 5 11
A sick conversation
Dominick closed his eyes, holding the phone to his ear while he tried to keep his breathing steady.
"Hello?" He breathed a sigh of relief as the voice of his boyfriend reached his ear.
"Anju..." He said, voice hoarse.
"Dominick, shouldn't you be in class?" The older man asked.
"I got sick...I decided to stay in my room today." Dominick said, pulling the blankets over his head protectively.
"Oh, well I hope you get better. I'm sorry I can't talk longer, I need to get to work soon."
"Wait! Please...just talk with me until I fall asleep. My room mate's in class and I couldn't get any of my friends to stay with me." The teen coughed then flinched as heard the sound of feet walking by his door. "I took some NyQuil a little while before, I'll be asleep soon." He didn't say it but the man on the other side of the line knew the brunette was just scared and needed a little comfort.
"Alright, I'll talk with you until you fall asleep."
"Thank you," Coughing again then sniffling, Dominick closed h
:iconmosoul:Mosoul 7 13
I know
Dominick glanced to his boyfriend as he pulled out a stick of gum, popping it in his mouth. It smelled good, like mint. Suddenly he wrapped his arms around the shorter man, bending down to capture his lips. Anju accepts the kiss, opening his mouth as the brunette's tongue asked for entrance. The taller of the two placed his hands on Jui's hips, pulling him closer as their tongues danced and battled for dominance.
Dominick growled lowly, surprising the shorter man, giving him the access he needed. He then pulls back, a smile on his face. "Thanks!" Slightly confused, the amber eyed man then swirled his tongue around his mouth.
"You stole my gum, brat! You could have just asked for a piece." Anju said, watching the boy chew his gum happily.
"I know! And there's only one way to get it back." Dominick winks, blowing a bubbling before letting it pop.
:iconmosoul:Mosoul 4 9
Mature content
No acts here :iconmosoul:Mosoul 3 8
No more tears
He woke up, golden eyes fluttering open as he turned to look at the clock that flashed 4:30 in bright, red numbers. Weird...what had woken him up? A dream possibly or-a whimper at his side caught his attention. He turned back around, eyes gracing the face of the younger man. Something was wrong...
"Dominick," He whispered, then gasped quietly as he saw the tears streaming down the sleeping teens face. On instinct, Anju wiped the tears away before wrapping his arms around the brunette. "It'll be alright," He whispered in the boy's ear, rubbing gentle circles on his back. "I'm here," The teen whispered something, still asleep. Anju leaned his ear down to Dominick's lips, listening.
Anju squeezed the brown eyed boy tighter. "You're not alone, love. I'm here. I won't leave you." He assured him, kissing his forehead softly. "I won't ever leave you, I promise." He wiped the tears away again, beginning to hum quietly in hopes of calming the sleeping boy down.
Slowly, Dominick's
:iconmosoul:Mosoul 5 15
Do I Hate You Or Do I Love You by Jotaku Do I Hate You Or Do I Love You :iconjotaku:Jotaku 1,727 169
Dominick talks of love
"Do you believe in love?"
Excuse me?
"Do you, Dominick, believe in love?"
Oh...well. That's...that's kind of hard to answer.
"Try. We're curious."
Well, I believe in love yes. I love my parents. I love my little sister and my friends. I love Isiah as though he was my brother.
"But that's all platonic love. What about romantic? Have you ever been in love?"
Well, to be I've never been in love. To date, I've had four girlfriends and two boyfriends-not counting my current-and I've never fell in love with any of them.
No, I haven't. The longest I've been with someone was about six months to a year. I say that because it was...kind of complicated. But even with them, I never felt as though I was in love.
"Well, why not?"
I don't know. That was my second to last relationship, last boyfriend actually. We had gotten together in the middle of  eighth grade and made it to ninth before we broke up. I thought he was amazing-funny, really charismatic, didn't take thi
:iconmosoul:Mosoul 4 4
Cold Distant World by Cioccolatodorima Cold Distant World :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 435 46 Lucy by DiaMinaj Lucy :icondiaminaj:DiaMinaj 5 10 You Should Stay at Home Tonite by muse33 You Should Stay at Home Tonite :iconmuse33:muse33 175 28 No 6: Dance part 1 by muse33 No 6: Dance part 1 :iconmuse33:muse33 1,075 70 No 6: Dance part 2 by muse33 No 6: Dance part 2 :iconmuse33:muse33 1,112 182 Garnet by muse33 Garnet :iconmuse33:muse33 210 7


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Sky Wong

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Not That Bad
Art for Ch1 of Not that Bad (Klance fic by Varelsen on Ao3, go read it if you havent)
Voltron (c) Dreamworks
do NOT respost w/o permission
NTB-Swordy Keef
Ref sheet of sorts of NTB Keith doing sword practice aka a shameful excuse to draw Keith in tight clothing sporting a ponytail :'D
Voltron (c) Dreamworks
do NOT respost w/o permission
Emotion pieces ft. annoyed Pidge :'D

Voltron (c) Dreamworks
do NOT respost w/o permission


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